How to Become A Mobile App Developer

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 A mobile app developer is someone who specializes in the development of apps to solve various problems and entertain mobile app users. Mobile app developers build and design apps for Apple’s iOS, Android and Microsoft Windows phone platforms. Their primary role is to create, test and program apps for computer, tablets and mobile phones.

How to Become A Mobile App Developer

How to Become A Mobile App Developer

Choose a platform

Apple’s iOS and Android are clearly dominant the mobile industry at the moment, Microsoft Windows is still relevant but not as profitable. Each platform has differences such as languages, programming and consumer reach. You might need to consider a niche to specialize in while attempting to master all, different niches include Gaming, messaging and communication, E-commerce and Entertainment. 

Master your coding skills

For Android, you will need to get familiar with Java or Kotlin. However, before you pick android understand that there are different types of android devices in the market and it can get confusing in the beginning, but practicing and trying to have a wide understanding them all gives you the potential of reaching a wider market

For Apple iOS you’ll need to learn Objective-C or Swift.You can find tutorials on these on the Apple iOS developers library. 

Get Certifications

Coding certifications help to verify your knowledge, they show commitment and growth to the particular niche you’ve chosen.They also increase your employability and salary increase. Certifications have different requirements, eligibility, duration and cost so be sure to go through and understand the modules of the certificate courses. 

Work on your resume

Creating a compelling resume that points out your skills and impressive look with recruiters.

Make sure your resume contains all the necessary information that allows the recruiter see your work even without asking you, adding a link to your portfolio is recommended.

Apply for positions

Understanding job postings helps customize resume accordingly. Apply for jobs you’re qualified for, prepare well for interviews, practice and brush up on your technical skills.

Skills Required to Become An App Developer

Having both hard and soft skills can help you thrive as an app developer. Here are some of the skills that a mobile app developer needs. 

Programming skills

You must get ready to be an expert in programming languages like Java, Kotlin, Flutter, React Native, Objective-C and Swift. Knowing how to translate algorithms into efficient codes is a very important technical skill. 

Design thinking

It is good to have some good design knowledge as user interface is a core aspect of the app that enhances user experience.

Attention to details

You’ll need to keep close attention to even smallest codes because an error could lead to a disastrous user experience. Data security : App developers need a firm understanding of data security laws and app security protocols.


Mobile app developers are required to listen attentively to their client’s needs to incorporate their ideas into the app creation process.


Mobile app developers need to think creatively about how to incorporate their apps into the daily lives of app users.

Is mobile app development a good career choice?

A career as a mobile developer is an excellent choice for anyone interested in developing mobile solutions to various problems.

The field of mobile technology is ever-growing, which allows you to continue learning throughout your career. The option of working independently may also make this career appealing to you.

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