How to Become A Web Developer

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Spoiler alert: you do not need to have a CS degree to become web developer.

Many wonder how they can dive into the tech space with no experience, but It is really not as hard as you seem to think. Every website we’ve visited or interacted with was built by a developer.

To the outside eye, it can seem like a complicated and confusing field to break into. So, to shed more light, we have compiled a guide on how to be a web developer.

How to Become A Web Developer

How Do You Become A Web Developer

Develop fundamental web development skills

Developing fundamental web development skills will give you the foundation you will need on your journey. They include the understanding of HTML(Hypertext Markup Language),CSS ( Cascading Style Sheets) and Javascript. Aspiring developers use coding bootcamps to kick start the process because of the practical advantage, length and focus on quick outcomes and in most cases employment. It is important to note that aspiring web developers must be committed to constantly learning and hopping on trends and changes in web development and programming languages. PHP, Java, Python, Go , Ruby are also other important programming languages to have understanding of as you progress

Choose a specialization

As you progress, you’ll have to eventually choose a web development specialization. These specializations are categorized into; Front-end, Back-end and full stack web development building

Attempt test projects that help build your portfolio

whether these are small paid or unpaid jobs for colleagues, building websites for fun help to improve your skills and experience. Your portfolio which would come in useful when you need to apply for jobs should be a complication of diverse web development projects you’ve ever worked on , try to select the best ones and try to show your versatility.

Pursue internships

Landing an internship provides vital work experiences and gives you an avenue to apply your knowledge, develop new skills, interact with other developers and clients as well.

Network with other Developers

Use social media as an asset to network and make connections. Workshops and job fairs are also amazing ways to make face-to-face connections.

Create your resume

Having an informative and concise resume gives you an added advantage because it accurately conveys your experiences, skills and qualifications therefore shedding light to your worth and value.

In summary, these guides highlight the key steps in a web development journey. It is also important to understand that technology is always evolving. A good web developer is a life long learner always looking for ways to expand their knowledge and skills.

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