How to Create a Website - Easy Steps and Guide

Major companies can afford to hire a pricey developer to go through the stress of creating their websites from start to finish but small business startups trying to find their foot in the business field might not have that option. 

As an individual, you can learn how to create websites and earn passive income from this knowledge. Creating a website is not only easy, but can also be fun if you are creative and patient too. FUN FACT? You don’t need to know how to code, you just need to follow a few steps and you can get your own website up and running in less than 30 minutes!


1. Purchase a good domain:

Domain names are also known as “Website names”, and you might want to keep them short and easy to spell. Remember that these can be done by avoiding numbers to aid memorability by your prospective clients or audience e.g,,

2. Set up website hosting:

Companies that offer services that allow a website to be viewed on the internet are called website hosts. You might be charged for such services usually within a pricing range of $2- $200 depending on the type of support you opt for (monthly to annual plans). e.g

3. Preparation of website content:

There are software programs made available to help with content management and are often referred to as Content Management Systems (CMS). They assist in website maintenance including structure, designs and digital contents. These user friendly systems are sometimes free and easily accessible. A popular example is Wordpress which is free, easy to install and the most well-known due to its flexibility. However, because of its popularity, it is advised to properly secure and maintain your Wordpress site regularly to prevent it from being hacked.

4. Publish some new content:

Whether it's for personal use or business, you should already know what content you plan to display on your website. So it is advisable to create not only catchy, but also interesting, useful and engaging content. In this case, the use of graphics in readable fonts, conducting research on your target audience and competitors, brand consistency, and a mobile friendly website to cater to the growing numbers of people using mobiles and tablets on the move will give your website an edge.

In summary, I hope this five (5) steps can help you generate passive income, give you freedom to work from anywhere and also build a functional website.

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